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The time has come to meet up again folks. We are preparing a second UX Meetup on October 20, 5pm, KC Grad. Write the date down in your diary, save it on your phone, stick a post-it on your computer, whatever you do, start counting down the days.

Who is it for?

We are looking for UX Design professionals, but encourage designers in general, as well developers, researchers, and product owners to name a few, to join us. In case you’re interested in learning and sharing your experience on the topic of User Experience - Welcome to the party!

- Designers - This is a hot topic for all designers out there, no matter in which industry you are - so be sure to not miss it.

- Developers - As designers, we love developers. Together with you, we can make awesome things!

- Strategists - Without research, analytics, copywriting and many other things our designs may not solve problems. Help us help you.

- Product Owners - All the business and product owners should understand what good UX can mean to their customers. Why not you?