Masterclass: Building optimally motivating organization

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Biznis i Ekonomija 2019 masterclass is designed for HR managers and top managers who actively contribute in topdown building of corporate culture as well as take care of people results and motivation in their organization. Here, you will get support for creating conditions for building organizational culture that is driven by optimal motivation. The ultimate goal after this masterclass is to have people in the organiyation who manage their own motivation. Your role at this masterclass is to learn how to create conditions in organization for such a change.

Desired outcomes for participants and their organizations

- To define the mindset of people in the company that promote intrinsic and sustainable motivation, to become more aware that the responsibility for it is on leaders as well as on emlpoyees themselves.

- To become aware that the people are always motivated and to get to know the set of skills which every manager can learn in order to help people be motivated whit more quality. Why are people motivated, what makes them tick, how can you help them motivate themselves?

- To create plan of steps necessary for implementing the change of motivational culture and creating environment which support optimal motivation.

About the organizer

Since 2006, aims to develop managers, raise their competences to a higher level, improve processes in the companies and build leadership culture. This team also operates under the name of Blanchard Serbia as a representative of the Ken Blanchard Companies, leadership development and leaders assessment worldwide recognized consultant company.

Facilitator: Susan Fowler, Expert in Science of Motivation

Susan Fowler is widely known as one of the foremost experts on personal empowerment.

Susan is the author of Optimal Motivation model as well as the co-author of the Self Leadrship model, created with Ken Blanchard.


Last call by May 31st: 550EUR

Price includes participation at masterclass, interaction whit consultants, speaker and other participants, lunch, refreshment as well as online presentatiom of the speaker after the masterclass.