INAT Summit 2018

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IT i Tehnologija
NAT Summit is the first ever international IT conference in Belgrade with a focus on mentoring young professionals.

At INAT Summit you will connect with global leaders to achieve even more outstanding results in IT career.

What Will You Learn?

- How to land jobs in the 4th Industrial Revolution?

- How to be more productive, creative and entrepreneurial?

- How to prevent burnout in IT career?

- How to build career at Google?

- How to crowdfund six figures for your venture?

- How to succeed as a digital nomad?

- How to build profitable online business?

- How is technology already disrupting your industry: from fintech, agrobusiness, health wearables, to drones, AI and Virtual Reality?

How to Get Best out of INAT Summit?

Join the innovation community of young professionals and experts from CEE and beyond.

Experience international mentorship opportunities and test your prototypes.

Obtain further knowledge at the incubators, institutions or companies thanks to partnerships we developed.

Experience Belgrade as the creativity hub and the cost-effective ICT destination.

Young Professionals

As a Young Professional, you can establish partnerships with entrepreneurs from many countries of the world at INAT Summit and learn from industry experts how to seize the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


As an Investor, you can find both top tech talent and established stakeholders to collaborate with. May INAT Summit bring you the next big venture.


As an Executive, you can find top tech talent to recruit at INAT Summit. Partner with other peers and industry leaders so as to bring more innovation into your company.

And one more thing...

We wish to shed light onto those who are promoting IT, be it solo or within the company. Every year, we will accept your nominations, as well as include our nominees. Nominate someone who you believe has excelled in IT area and we need to know about them.


INAT Summit Student from The Balkans - 4900,00 RSD
INAT Summit Delegation - 105 EUR per person; You + 3 friends = 420 EUR
INAT Summit IT Professional Single Ticket - 150 EUR per person

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