Future is NOW 2018

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IT i Tehnologija

Future is NOW 2018 is one of the most innovative IT and business conferences in the Balkan region

The conference will be held on December 6th in Opera Teather house Madlenianum, Belgrade

This will be the third time the conference is organized and will be the biggest one yet with around 35 speakers (international and domestic) and 600 participants.

Future is NOW conference is aimed at ambitious professionals that want to find out more about different trends and inovations dominating the Bussines and IT sphere (Blockchain, Digital revolution, AI, VR, ML), economy, marketing, HR, management etc. Through interactive dynamic lectures based on practical examples, workshops and panel discussions, participants will have a chance to learn about creative solutions that are the core of different business practices.

Lectures and panel discussions will be held by innovative experts and representatives from top management in the Balkan region and the world.

You will have the opportunity to:
- Hear about the latest trends in the areas of Digital transformation, Blockchain, FinTech, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, HR-Talent Management, Employer Branding, Data Science, Gaming etc.
- Strengthen your current and form new business relationships with employees and the top management of the largest and most innovative companies in the region
- Create a synergy of ideas and insights that do not end in a conference room
- Experience a different working environment, get out of your comfort zone and current ways of thinking
- Be part of the energetic atmosphere of professionals eager to improve their skills and knowledge;
- Get a wider picture of the business sphere
- To try new approaches to real problems through workshops and concrete case studies
- Learn about innovative tools of the future
- Invest in your creative and intellectual capital
- Become or remain professionally relevant to your associates, clients and employers

Cene karata

Early Bird (1.10. - 20.10.2018.): 159,00 EUR

Standard Ticket (21.10 - 4.12. 2018.): 199,00 EUR

Late Ticket (5.12. - 6.12.2018.): 249,00 EUR