Digital Day 2018

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Marketing i Mediji
Digital Day is unique local event focused only on digital and interactive advertising that has been taking place in Belgrade since 2011. The event has educational character and brings in the speakers from mature markets to share the knowledge and best practices in digital advertising industry.

Digital Day 2018. – NEW SIGNAL sees this year’s conference focused on three main topics – new advertising landscape, business transformation and brand design.

- Is keeping up with trends going to dilute your brand?

- What is the path to sustainable media?

- Is media design really the new media planning?

- What do we mean when we say “e-privacy” and does it exist in this new world of connectivity and transformation?

- All this, and much more, you will hear about at Digital Day 2018.

IAB MIXX AWARDS SERBIA 2018, as part of the Digital Day conference, rewards the best digital campaigns of the year.

This means that every aspect of the campaign is important depending on the category: strategy, creativity, results, innovation engagement, etc.

Only the best digital campaigns will receive an award.

The winners will be presented on IAB MIXX AWARDS SERBIA 2018 ceremony on May 9th in the Yugoslav Drama Theater.

You can submit your case(s) by April 4th April 11th.


Cena kotizacije za akreditovane i IAB članove do 10. aprila iznosi 90, 00 EUR
Cena kotizacije do 14. aprila iznosi 175, 00 EUR
Cena kotizacije do 8. maja iznosi 220,00 EUR