Data Science Conference 4.0

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Data Science Conference is the biggest conference dedicated to data science in Southeaster and Central Europe. It is a multidisciplinary conference and we offer an abundance of talks, panel discussions, workshops and hands-on tutorials. This is a perfect place where you can find high-quality content about the newest trends in the world of data science and make connections and opportunities.

This year speaker is Hadley Wickham is a statistician from New Zealand who is currently Chief Scientist at RStudio and an adjunct Professor of statistics at the University of Auckland, Stanford University, and Rice University. He is best known for his development of open-source statistical analysis software packages for R that implement logics of data visualisation and data transformation. Wickham's packages and writing are known for advocating a tidy data approach to data import, analysis and modelling methods.

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Wake Up Bird Ticket: 160,00 EUR
Early Bird Ticket: 210,00 EUR