ARK regionalni branding symposium

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Marketing i Mediji
ARK is an exclusive Regional Branding Symposium that focuses on featuring only the best marketing experts in the world.

The world’s largest-ever ethnographic study — visiting and sometimes living in the homes of more than 2000 men, women, and children in 77 countries over the past.Inspired by Biblical Noah's ark, it offers knowledge to the selected 500 in the region. Ark is branded educational experience that involves all human senses.

Speaker is Martin Lindstrom, world's leading expert on brand and multi billion business building.

15 years — has led Martin to a new, intriguing perspective, one that subverts and rewrites the traditional handbook of old-school marketing, segmentation,brand positioning — and adds critical shading, nuance, and character to our current global preoccupation with BigData.

This extraordinary study has yielded profound insights from seemingly mundane observations,such as how we hang our toilet paper in the bathroom, how we brush our teeth, and how we use emoticons in our emails and social messages. In Martin’s telling, these observations combine to relate a fascinating, undiscovered story about who we really are. THE FUTURE WILL BE ALL ABOUT SMALL DATA.

Martin calls those observations “small data.” He believes that BIG data often tells only part of the story, but small data has the potential to delineate the true causes of human behavior. Our data-driven world seems to have forgotten that real human discoveries depend on identifying causation, rather than on correlations. In sharp contrast to this, Martin’s research focuses on the human side.


Agencies and companies: 200,00 EUR
Enterpreneurs and NGOS: 150, 00 EUR
Freelancers and faculty staff members: 100, 00 EUR
Students: 50, 00 EUR